New footpath being laid

Upper path base layerWalkers in the Park this last few months have seen the work being carried out to improve the main pathway up the middle of the Park.

It has meant some inconvenience for Park users having to follow detours etc but the weather has been fairly kind to the main contractor laying the base tarmac (Griffith Davies of Gwaleod Y Garth) and the specialist surfacing contractor (ThorTech Applying top coatLtd, Rhymney, Cardiff) seen here applying the top coat in the upper section and both have progressed well.

With the detours, barrier tape and warning signs, general winter rain and mud, winter foliage, some tree felling, etc the Park has probably appeared in a poorer state of repair this winter than it ever has! However, the path work is now complete and many users of the Park have commented to the Middle gates completed pathworkmen themselves as well as the Friends Group how good a job has been done and how much of an improvement it is.

The new path together with the clearing of the undergrowth by Cardiff Parks Dept and the regular Friends Group Workdays has really opened the park up. The daffodils in the entrance were spectacular last month (end March and April) and Upper path completedwith the spring shoots well on their up and the rhodendrons blooming it it a great time to visit if you haven’t for a while. You will be amazed at the difference.

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