Summer Workdays 2011

As in the July News item below, the Friends summer workdays have concentrated on refurbishing the currently closed top-loop path which is in the very upper reaches of the park. Today, 18 September, saw the majority of the work we can do completed and it is over to the Cardiff Council Parks Dept to finish off. They have already completed clearance of undergrowth and making an entrance to the area upstream of the eroded path from the Golf Course car park so that digger work can take place next week and new bridge constructed. Hopefully this will be completed in time for our October Workday when we can add some topping to the paths we have cleared, varnish the benches, and officially re-open the loop. (Walkers in the park will also notice some good work the Council staff have done this week clearing recently accumulated mud off many of the paths so that we can now get round it without wellies!)


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