Underpass mural – comments & suggestions

Comment and suggestions welcome (until Wed 5th June 2013).

Members will be aware that as part of the Friends grant funded Entrance Project we have asked an artist to consult with various groups of park users and propose a relevant, representative, interesting and historical mural to brighten up the underpass.

Outline concept:Cefn Onn design idea


A full description of the concept and example content is on display on the Park noticeboard and also attached here – Mural consultation poster. We welcome any further comments and suggestions that you may have (click on ‘leave a comment’ below) and these will be factored into the Friends Committee discussions with the artist in order to finalise the outline image.

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8 Responses to Underpass mural – comments & suggestions

  1. Alison Duff says:

    How much is it costing? What size is it? Wouldn’t the money be better spent on something really worthwhile such as improving the toilets? It will add nothing in terms of value to the park!

  2. I think it’s a bit wishy washy and to me doesn’t seem to have a big impact. I like the idea of linking with the past and establishing the future through the mural but I’m a bit disappointed in this template. I think that done of the ideas of others such as the idea of linking the railway with a railway train with carriages and in each carriage having an image of the park would hold more impact . I also totally disagree with Alison’s comment the mural will bring a welcome feel to a dark and currently horrible entrance so keep going with this. I also, if I right thought this was a grant that had to be spent on art work so well done for getting this and other grants . That’s not an easy thing in this day! Keep going Friends your doing a brilliant job!

    • gareth says:

      Thanks to Alison and Tracy who responded online (and to others who informally commented to Committee members) to our final consultation about the mural for the underpass. Since almost all comments received, both about the principle and the specific content proposal, over the last few years have been very positive, the Committee and Cardiff Council have decided to continue with the proposal. Having today received final approval from the Welsh Assembly (who own the M4 bridge) we have instructed the Artist (Mr Bryce Davies) to begin painting. From the comments we have received we have asked the artist to take into account the following: The tree must be native to the Park and, in order to show the passing of seasons (from left/ spring to right/ autumn-winter), have more greenery on it; some wildlife element (perhaps akin to the new brass rubbing post theme); and an increased educational element re the Park’s history (eg a timeline or dates relating to the images within the leaves). Tracy’s suggestion of a more detailed image of perhaps train carriages was considered but it was thought that this would make the image a lot darker, whereas the main objective is to brighten the underpass area. It was also felt that, whilst the Park is historically linked to the railways, it is primarily a ‘natural’ environment and we wanted to retain the sense of ‘open space’ in the mural. The mural will cover the entire wall. (Note: Improving the toilets/ building and hopefully installing some lighting in the underpass are also parts of the Entrance Project.)
      The artist has said it will take a week or so to paint and he will try his best to not get in anyone’s way as they pass by. Feel free to say ‘hello’ and ask him how he is getting on. We are really looking forward to the final product!
      Gareth Thomas
      Chairman, Friends of Parc Cefn Onn

  3. Tracey mcGuirk says:

    I have just seen the mural and I have to say I have completely changed my mind! Its not at all wishy washy and I think seeing the start of it on the wall has shown me what the finished image will be – Its already had a big impact. The feel under that tunnel is already so different. Well done to the artist. I look forward everyday to seeing the differet bits that are being added – the picture of Mr Prosser last night looked jsut like the photos I have seen!
    The differences and changes that the Friends are creating in the park should be cleebrated and I hope people recognise the hard work you have all put into change the park for the better. Your work will secure the park for future generations of people in Cardiff and beyond. Well done and Thank you.

  4. Lucy Morris age 7 says:

    I went for a walk to the park with my De De and we think the mural is beautiful. Thank you for decorating the wall. Love Lucy Morris age 7 xx

    • gareth says:

      Dear Lucy, Tracey and Kevin
      Thank you for your kind comments and going to the effort of entering them on our website. We are really glad you like it and that you think it brightens up the boring old underpass. Bryce, the artist, has still to do a few finishing touches this week so keep an eye out for him if you are in the Park. He would love it if you say hello if you haven’t already. We hope that you keep enjoying the Park.
      Gareth Thomas
      Chairman, Friends of Parc Cefn Onn

  5. Kevin Brown says:

    I really like the mural. It’s link with the past is appropriate and it brightens up what was a dull and dreary passage from the car park to the park.

    Congratulations to the Friends of Cefn Onn Park and the Local Authority (and its workers) for all the hard work and commitment over the last few years, which has vastly improved the park. The number of visitors using the park on a daily basis has increased considerably, which can only be a good thing for the park and the community. Keep on improving – lots more to do. Thanks.

  6. eileen says:

    went to cefn onn park today to walk the dog ,have not been there for many a year.really liked the mural that has made a difference to a not very nice entrance .so glad things are being done to the park ..impressed with the new pathway aswell well done to all concerned

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