Cardiff Council budget cuts for 2015

Our Friends Group was set up in 2010 to try and halt the significant deterioration of Cefn Onn over the previous 10 years and you will surely agree that we have made a difference so far. However, Parks Friends Groups across Cardiff are very concerned about the level of proposed budget cuts (approx. 23% – to be voted on in Council on 26th Feb 2015) to the Park Ranger Service. Like other Cardiff parks, all our work to improve Cefn Onn is coordinated through the Park Ranger Service. This includes our Family Workdays, grant applications, and management of grant spending. If this coordination is reduced, what we do will be reduced. If a Community Ranger cannot attend our Workdays, we cannot work in the Park. Friends Groups donate 1000s of hours every year. We have responded to the Council’s consultation and are lobbying to ensure that those making the budget cut decisions are aware of the implications. Unfortunately 2015 is only the first of three years of cuts by central government to local authorities!

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