Do you know anything about the mystery bench?

As you may have read, the Friends Group are looking into re-vamping the heavily silted pond in the lower section of the park. We have already commissioned an environmental survey to discover what its ecological and educational potential is.

One of the items –  adjacent to the pond is this strange looking brick bench and we would like to hear from you if you have any knowledge about its significance or why it is here in Cefn Onn.

DSC01399 webTo date we are fairly certain that it (and the Japanese style red bridge in the upper section of the Park) were donated from the 1992 Ebbw Vale National Garden Festival: a project where derelict land (in this case ex-British Steel works) was reclaimed for Garden Festivals around the UK as a symbol of the rebirth of such areas. Ebbw Vale was the last and most successful of the five National Garden Festivals held (

The bench is a very unusual design, but what does it represent? Does it have any significance to Cefn Onn? If you have any knowledge, or any ideas about its design we would love to hear from you. Just post a note through our office door behind this notice board, speak to a committee member (if you know one), send us an email, or post a message on our webpage or Facebook page.

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