A brief history of Parc Cefn Onn

Since forming, the Friends have been collecting historical information in order to produce a history booklet in 2018/19 to capture the fascinating story before it is lost in the mists of time. Whilst we are working on this booklet and seeking publication funding, Committee member Tony Cousins has produced a summary that we are pleased to say is now available on our Park Information webpage. If anyone has additional historical information or photographs from the period 1910 to 1950 we would love to hear from you during current production of the booklet.

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Upper park tree labelling complete

The Friends have now installed all the labels on the special trees in the upper park. These labels were funded by a special grant from Cardiff Council.

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When snow fell all around…

Just when the weather was beginning to warm up, the recent double cold spells have confused the new flower shoots that had just started to protrude from the soil.

The park was full of people making the most of the snowfall, the top field from the Golf club area was very popular with kids on sledges.

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Heritage Lottery funding update

Following a briefing from Cardiff Council we know have start dates for the Heritage lottery grant work:

Car park toilets & office work will start inn April 2018. The Main pond clean out & bank stabilization will start in the summer of 2018.

Upgrading of paths will start following the end of the bird nesting season in 2018.

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Early funding in 2018

We have had a brilliant start to 2018. The Friends have secured the following grants /donations:

  • From Cardiff Council funding for provision of labels for the special trees in the upper park and for some wild flower seeds for a new meadow in the entrance area.
  • A local Lisvane resident has donated sufficient funds to allow us to carry out the following tasks.
    • Production of a parks booklet providing details and history of the parks 67 special trees.
    • Provide purpose made stream bank stabilization units for the lower pond two feeding streams.
    • Provide Bee friendly plants to be planted in the Autumn, these will be purchased in plug format. These being Snowdrops/British Bluebells/Foxgloves/British Bluebells.
    • Provide & install a Human Sundial in the top field, hopefully with the help of our local Primary School.

This should certainly keep the Group busy in 2018 and any further volunteers to help would always be appreciated.

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December 2017 Workday

Volunteers were busy at our last Workday of 2017 planting over 600 British Bluebells, removing brambles, and coppicing over 100 ash tree samplings to let light into the area near the lower pond. We always have refreshments but seasonal mince pies and Christmas cake were the treat this time! We hope these native Bluebells will flourish and spread in the lower section of the Park.

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Herritage Lotter Grant work to commence

During 2016 Cefn Onn was awarded a substantial lottery grant to make some significant improvements to facilities and access for all – see our noticeboard in the Park entrance for more detail. Work is planned to commence this Spring.


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Spring has arrived in the Park

It is always great to welcome Spring into Cefn Onn!

We have (carefully) spring cleaned the mural and the Formosan Cherry (a species of cherry native to Japan, Vietnam, China and Taiwan ) is one of our early bloomers.


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Website back up and running!

Dear all. Sorry our Friends of Cefn Onn website has not been updated at all during 2016. This has been extremely frustrating.  Despite us taking many precautions it was hacked and this prevented us from being able to access it in any way. The host company could not fix it but luckily for us a relatively new Friends member, who is a website operator has come to our rescue! Over Xmas and New Year he has managed to sort it out, recover all of our data, and get us up and running again. I have updated the 2017 Workdays dates immediately and will do so with other pages and News items as time allows over the next month.  Many thanks indeed to our new member and Happy New Year to all Friends and Parc Cefn Onn visitors.

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Do you know anything about the mystery bench?

As you may have read, the Friends Group are looking into re-vamping the heavily silted pond in the lower section of the park. We have already commissioned an environmental survey to discover what its ecological and educational potential is.

One of the items –  adjacent to the pond is this strange looking brick bench and we would like to hear from you if you have any knowledge about its significance or why it is here in Cefn Onn.

DSC01399 webTo date we are fairly certain that it (and the Japanese style red bridge in the upper section of the Park) were donated from the 1992 Ebbw Vale National Garden Festival: a project where derelict land (in this case ex-British Steel works) was reclaimed for Garden Festivals around the UK as a symbol of the rebirth of such areas. Ebbw Vale was the last and most successful of the five National Garden Festivals held (www.gardenfestivalwales.co.uk).

The bench is a very unusual design, but what does it represent? Does it have any significance to Cefn Onn? If you have any knowledge, or any ideas about its design we would love to hear from you. Just post a note through our office door behind this notice board, speak to a committee member (if you know one), send us an email, or post a message on our webpage or Facebook page.

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