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  1. M. E. Coyle says:

    What is the current policy on dog walking in the park? Is the notice at the entrance regarding the spread of infection now out of date? Few dog walkers take any notice of it.

    • Gareth Thomas says:

      Hi. Unfortunately the Park still has phytophthora plant disease which is easily spread to non-infected plants (including possibly plants at home etc) by dogs and children playing amongst the plants. DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs) rules are that these signs must be displayed. Enforcement of these restrictions is of course very difficult and so the Council have also tried to minimise the potential for spread of the disease by regularly removing infected plants and cutting away the low branches on non-infected plants. DEFRA have told the Friend’s Group that without these efforts the Park would have been a ‘wasteland’ by now! It may take a couple more years to become disease free but with everyone’s help we are optimistic. At that point we can look to starting to restore the amazing rhododendrom displays the Park used to have!! (Gareth Thomas, Chair of Friends of Parc Cefn Onn)

    • as with the above comment I was in the Park today 11/05.14 ,and few dogs were on leads and in fact roving throughout the parkland.
      I would also like to know current policy.
      I saw Notices throughout the park asking dogs be kept on leads, and did mention this to a couple of people who ignored me.

  2. Brian Scott says:

    We’ve just been over to see the Rhodies and had to leave because of all the dogs freely roaming around. My girlfriend is scared to death of them now since a large Boxer dog attacked our terrier while she was holding him, NOT in this park I might add.
    Thank you to all who care for the grounds it is a wonderful peaceful place to be, apart from the ignoramuses with free roaming dogs.

  3. Chris says:

    What’s the current status of dogs being allowed off lead? I’ve avoided this park with my dog as she needs to be off but if that’s no longer the policy it would be good to know

  4. Mark Rogers says:

    In winter is park open after dark and is it floodlit?

  5. The council policy on dogs in parks is as follows
    There is no current bylaw for dogs to be on leads.
    They must comply with the following.
    Dogs must be under the owners control, if you dog jumps up on someone you could be liable for assault.

    Dog owners must pick up and dispose in bins if provided all of their dog poo. There is no such thing as a “Poo Fairy”. if not council can fine £80 at present.

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